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As part of my semi-annual request for support, this page will appear until May 1.
Please scroll to the bottom for a link to the Solo Bank - Titles page.

Your Support Is Needed

The future of the Solo Bank is in doubt without a little help from those who use it.  Why?  Because it's currently a one-man operation.  I spend a small but significant part of the retirement savings I live on to maintain and expand it, but for this resource to last indefinitely, it needs supervision by a non-profit corporation, and I'm taking the first steps to set that up.

So I'm asking that you consider donating to this effort.  What would be most helpful would be continuing support:

  • A couple of dollars a month if you are an occasional user

  • Perhaps $5 a month if you use the Solo Bank frequently, say, as a soloist or music committee member

  • Perhaps $10 a month if you use the Solo Bank to regularly research and select solos for your church

  • Perhaps $20 a month if you play these recordings frequently in your church services (see note at the bottom of the page)

But one-time support is also much appreciated.

Making a donation via PayPal is the easiest.  You can simply click on one of the buttons below to go to the secured PayPal site.  (To donate by check, see the Contact page.)

One-time Donation

No PayPal account is required for a one-time donation.  You can use your credit card.

Continuing Donation

Canceling Your Continuing Donation

This button is in case you change your mind right away.  Canceling or "unsubscribing" from within your PayPal account can, of course, be done at any time.

Thanks to donors

WB (Portland, OR)
VB (Oklahoma City, OK)
AH (Menlo Park, CA)
MG (Concord, MA)
KT (Redmond, WA)
PW (Anchorage, AK)
SR (Des Peres, MO)
CG (Bradenton, FL)
KE (Loveland, CO)
ND (Statesville, NC)
J&JS (Seattle, WA)
LK (Ardmore, PA)
First Church of Christ, Scientist (Davis, CA)
CM (Seattle, WA)
First Church of Christ, Scientist (Irving, TX)
RH (Portland, OR)
NS (Washington, DC)
EW (New York, NY)
LK (Arlington, VA)
MC (San Diego, CA)

Special note:  If you use Solo Bank recordings at services for your church or society, please keep in mind that, except for music that is in the public domain, you should own the music.  This is especially important for music that is currently being sold by organizations like Watchfire Music or publishers like Lorenz, Beckenhorst Press, Hope Publishing, Darcey Press, etc.  In the case of the latter, you should purchase two copies of the original choral music, and you can find the contact information for these organizations at the bottom of the Sheet Music page.

Proceed to the Solo Bank - Titles page.